Michael Staple, also known as "MaxieDaMan", was born and raised in Toronto ON. He is a self taught pianist and music producer who had found love for video games and music ever since he was five years old. In his late teens, Michael pursued his career as a Video Game Composer -- composing for fan games such as "Sonic the Hedgehog: After The Sequel", leading up to upcoming titles such as, "Blue Omen Operation" and "Breeze In The Clouds". Adept in many genres like Hip-Hop, EDM, Funk, Jazz, Chiptune, etc., he strives to keep nostalgia alive in a modern society full of gamers and music lovers.

While Michael is not producing music for video games or working on solo projects, he's working out at the gym, competing in Pokken tournaments and getting his groove on at arcades playing Dance Dance Revolution.

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